How did we get started ?

A few dedicated persons founded the White Rose Organ Club in a Wakefield music shop sometime in 1980.
Subsequently, meetings took place in a classroom at Darton High School and some professional concerts were held at Royston Civic Hall.
The next move was to Barnsley Girls High School but the facilities were not suitable for organ concerts, so a further move took us to the Redbrook Public House, which also had a concert room.
The club then became a Society, with a committee of eight members- comprising chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer and four others who all come up for re-election each year at the Annual General Meeting.
The society then met at Barugh Green WMC for many years where there was a large concert hall and a Hammond C3. Unfortuntaly the C3 belonged to the WMC and when they sold it (without consulting the society) in 2005 the society decided to look for a new "home" since many of our concerts are played by professionals and members are not able to bring an instrument.
In November 2006 we held our 1st concert at a new meeting place, Silkstone Lodge in Silkstone. The club met at Silkstone for 5 years and had many great concerts and parties.
In January 2012 the Society moved venue once again. This time to the Dodworth Central WMC. We also purchased our own organ - a Kawai which we've put to good use in many concerts both by professionals and members. Dodworth club is a convenient venue for most members and has a good sized concert hall. In 2015 one the club's members left his Yamaha EL-90 organ to the club - this has now replaced the Kawai as club organ.
Here are some older photographs of the society